Claude Closky

  • Claude Closky

  • Claude Closky. Photo : Marc Domage

    Les cheveux, 2015

    Impression par sublimation sur toile synthétique
    Dimensions variables
    Présented by Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris
    Photo : Marc Domage

    Claude Closky’s projects consistently find alternative ways to emancipate themselves from the formats imposed, often by the sites in which they are exhibited. He seeks to point out the contradictions of contemporary society and its representations, but also to question the role of art as producer of a cultural consensus and sets of values.

    His works confront and question our environment, the conditions and results of artistic production, its relation to an audience.

    For this intervention in the public space, he places an image in the place where what it represents is usually found, ie. in the wind because it is question of long hair. The operation aims to provoke a short circuit between our three-dimensional space and the two-dimensional field of the image, an exaggerated shortcut between the representation itself and the information it relays. The project is in opposition to banners and the strategies to which they belong: the flag/hair covers a very small head. By invitation from Pablo Cavero, the work ‘Hair’ was first shown in summer 2015 on the roof top of Malakoff’s Maison des Arts.
  • 2016 | Tuileries Garden

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