Berdaguer & Péjus

  • Berdaguer & Péjus

  • Berdaguer & Péjus. Photo : Marc Domage

    Y40 - autorépliquant, 2016

    Résine, frittage de poudre, structure métallique polystyrène.
    220 x 150 cm
    Presented by Galerie Claudine Papillon, Paris
    Photo : Marc Domage

    Born respectively in 1968 and 1969, Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus live and work between Marseille and Paris.

    This work follows the installation E.17 Y.40 A.18 C.28 X.40 O.13,5 presented in the Inside exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2014. Two identical trees are arranged in mirror formation. Like a fractal figure, the tree, but also its branches and leaves, are reproduced and grafted several times and on various scales at the extremity of its own branches. These “trees” are mental constructs, architectures of the mind, based on drawings produced within the framework of a psychological test, known as the “tree test”. Each drawing elicits subconscious determinations by the author whose mental state generates a series of forms and constructs. Perhaps because the tree is a perfect construction for hiding our familiar demons, the series of drawings stemming from this test brings out recurrences, similar transcriptions generated by the same disturbances, revealing a kind of common code between mental disturbances and graphic forms.
  • 2016 | Tuileries Garden

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