Julien Tiberi

  • Julien Tiberi

  • Julien Tiberi. Photo : Marc Domage

    The Panoramic Dailies, 2016

    Ciment, résine et paillettes
    85 x 145 x 79 cm
    Presented by Semiose, Paris
    Photo : Marc Domage

    Julien Tiberi est né en 1979, à Marseille. Il vit et travaille entre Paris et Marseille.

    Julien Tiberi was born in 1979 in Marseille. He lives and works between Paris and Marseille. “The Panoramic Dailies is a new version of the small ceramic entitled Dans une tache, created in 2013. One of my initial intentions was to approach the figure through sculpture, leading me to transfigure the pile of clay in front of me into a pile of model characters. If the true subject is defined as something caught up in movement, these little clay figures stuck together are moving in a single direction. They are grouped together looking into the centre, carefully hiding whatever has hastened their huddle. The Panoramic Dailies focuses on representations of groups or urban crowds in the history of satire. In my work, sculpture constitutes the extension of a series of drawings [...] of crowds or assemblies pertaining to a particular event, or the specificities of individuals merging into communal action, the action that absorbs them. Like another member of the gathering, the spectator attributes a meaning to the location itself, substituting place for space and the relationship between these, on the simple scale of the sculpture.”
  • 2016 | Tuileries Garden

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