Uriel Barthélémi & Nikhil Chopra

  • Uriel Barthélémi & Nikhil Chopra

  • Uriel Barthelemi & Nikhil Chopra

    Floating cities & loaded dice

    Tuesday, October 18th - 5pm
    Duration : 3h

    Le batteur-compositeur Uriel Barthélémi invite le performeur Nikhil Chopra à investir la Gare du Nord.

    The drummer/composer Uriel Barthélémi invites performer Nikhil Chopra to perform at Gare du Nord.
    During a 3-hour performance, they will develop a narrative symbolising the current conditions of refugees in France and Europe. Taking advantage of this unusual context, with an extremely broad population coming and going, they will use the huge resonating chamber that the train station represents as a site of mental projection. Their respective characters will each occupy a territory that they can only leave by way of their expressions, glistening like the distant shores that always appear more cheerful when seen from the other side of the sea... Nikhil Chopra embodies unique and transgender characters, who constantly question and push back the boundaries of performance contexts. For Floating cities and loaded dice, he will create twin characters, symbols of both unification and ambivalence.
    Through his performances, Uriel Barthélémi questions the representation of sound and music in frictional psychological frameworks, such as post-colonisation or the destruction of imaginaries and nature by our cannibalistic civilisation. His music expresses certain strata of the mental gymnastics we are currently experiencing and will attempt to sketch out a sphere of freedom for all people in situations of permanent displacement...

    In collaboration with Gare & Connexions
    With the support avec Césaré

    Address : Gare du Nord, 75010 Paris

    Free access
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