Name Amon First

Mircea Cantor. Photo : Marc Domage


Acier Corten
200 x 350 cm / Drapeau : 100 x 161 cm
Presented by VNH Gallery, Paris br />Photo : Marc Domage

Mircea Cantor was born in 1977 in Oradea, Romania. He lives and works in Paris.

The artist recalls his fascination for flags as a child. He imagines them as potential screens onto which he can project his own colours, identity and dreams. While flags represent an identity, a territory, and are associated with a group of people according to various orientations (political, social or cultural), Mircea Cantor devises a concept in which two flags intersect. Their colours are not known. Neither is it clear why they are there. The first could be ours, the second that of “the other”. We see that they are in contact, that they interact and interpenetrate. This interaction does not refer to a conflict or tension, but rather to the poetic moment in which two strangers meet, smile, possibly smell each other’s scent and might even say hello.

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