Name Amon First

Ignassi Aballi. Photo : Marc Domage

Garden photography, 2016

Aluminium, encre
200 x 150 cm (panneau), 200 x 120 x100 cm (structure)
Presented by Galerie Meessen De Clercq, Bruxelles
Courtesy of the artist and Meessen De Clercq, Brussels. Photo : Marc Domage

Ignasi Aballí was born in 1958, in Barcelona, where he lives and works.
Garden Photography presents nine signs disseminated around the Tuileries Garden. In opposition to the French-style garden, Aballí is interested in the anarchic, in details and in the unspectacular. Each sign consists of an image of vegetation and texts, in English and French, taken from photography manuals. The images are enlarged details of backgrounds with plant motifs taken from press clippings selected by the artist. Aballí clears the image of the information it contains, thus effacing its original context and recontextualizes it by associating it with didactic texts. A discrepancy between text and image is thus created, reinforced by the differences between the texts in English and French.
Aballí’s work is characterized by a questioning of language and colour. Here, through enlargement, the artist brings out the screen of the image and its CMYK dots. By showing the imperceptible, the out of focus and the banal, Aballí restores the importance of attentive observation of the world around us.

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