Name Amon First

Eric Baudart. Photo : Marc Domage

Cubikron 3.0, 2015

200 x 200 x 200 cm
Presented by Edouard Malingue, Hong Kong and Chez Valentin, Paris
Photo : Marc Domage

Born in 1972, Eric Baudart lives and works in Paris.

He pursues a practice inherited from Duchamp’s readymades. The artworks or situations presented are not straightforward found objects, but are instead reconfigured and redefined. The installation Cubikron 3.0 by Eric Baudart consists of 10 metal bed frames with springs arranged to form a cubic structure which stands upright. Cubikron 3.0 plays on the skeletal properties of this ordinary object. The springs are juxtaposed, forming a dark and visually complex maze. In this sense, each of the Cubikrons is a spatial proposal; not a representation of reality strictly speaking nor even an aspect of reality, despite the fact that it attempts to reproduce its logic. For the artist, these are mental projections, like various grids of possibilities.

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