Wednesday October 18

  • Artists' films

    FIAC and Fondation d’entreprise Ricard present the eighth edition of Cinéphémère, installed this year on Avenue Winston Churchill, between the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, in a nomad 14-seat movie theatre entirely equipped for this purpose. This programme, composed by the associate curator Marie Canet, brings together a collection of the most innovative international artists’ films, most of which will be presented in France for the first time.

    On Saturday, 21st and Sunday, October 22nd, a program is proposed respectively by FILAF (International Festival of the Art Book and Film) and the LOOP FESTIVAL.

    From Wednesday, 18th to Sunday, October 22nd from noon to 8pm, registration at the entrance.
    Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008, Paris

  • The 2018 programme will be available shortly

  • Name Loki

    • Cunming Sun, Sans titre (Dream Real), 2015

      Hanne Lippard, Attentionspam, 2015

      Hanne Lippard, Phallucinations, 2015

    • Pauline Curnier Jardin, Explosion Ma Baby, 2016

  • Wednesday, October 18th

    Curated by Marie Canet

  • noon
    Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys
    Mime in the video studio, 1988,
    3 min 40, vidéo, noir et blanc
    Die Aap van Bloemfontein
    (The Ape from Bloemfontein), 2014,
    23 min, vidéo
    Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

    Anna Franceschini
    Before they break, before they die,
    Movement I
    , 2013,
    2 min 43, 16mm sur vidéo HD,
    couleur, muet
    Before they break, before they die,
    Movement II
    , 2013,
    1 min 46, 16mm sur vidéo HD,
    couleur, muet
    You must believe it to see it, 2012,
    6 min, film en 16mm, couleur, muet
    Splendid is the Light in the city of
    , 2013,
    4 min 16, Super 8 on digital, couleur, muet
    Vera Cortês, Lisboa

    Cunming Sun
    Sans titre (Dream Real), 2015,
    1 min 31, vidéo HD
    Box of Life, 2015,
    4 min 12, vidéo HD
    Courtesy Cunming Sun

    Pauline Curnier Jardin
    Explosion Ma Baby, 2016,
    8 min, Super 8 sur vidéo HD
    Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

    Yuri Ancarani
    Whipping Zombie, 2017,
    32 min, vidéo HD
    ZERO..., Milano

    Jean-Charles Hue
    Tijuana Tales, 2017,
    11 min 45, 16mm sur vidéo
    Michel Rein, Paris, Brussels

    Selma Selman
    Do not look into Gypsy eyes, 2013,
    0 min 30, vidéo
    Washing Mashing, 2017,
    10 min 18, vidéo HD
    Courtesy Selma Selman

    John Latham
    Talk Mr. Bard, 1961,
    4 min, 16mm sur vidéo
    Speak, 1962,
    10 min, 16mm sur vidéo
    Lisson, London, New York

    Laurent Montaron
    Memory, 2016,
    3 min 03, Super16 sur vidéo
    Triple V, Paris

    Ho Tzu Nyen
    The Name, 2015,
    16 min 51, vidéo
    Edouard Malingue, Hong Kong, Shanghai

    Jessica Warboys
    Hill of Dreams, 2016,
    10 min 30, vidéo HD
    Boudica, 2014,
    5 min 38, 35mm, vidéo HD
    Gaudel de Stampa, Paris

    André Romão
    Una notte di festino e di guerra, 2015,
    3 min 45, vidéo HD
    Vera Cortês, Lisboa

    Jeremy Deller
    Exodus, 2012,
    5 min, vidéo HD

    María Teresa Hincapié
    Una cosa es una cosa, 1990,
    22 min 51, 16mm sur vidéo
    Casas Riegner, Bogotá


    Lucy McKenzie
    De Ooievaar (with Frederik Depuydt), 2017,
    7 min 55, digital
    Courtesy Lucy McKenzie

    Jasmina Cibic
    Nada: Act 1, 2016,
    10 min 9, vidéo HD
    Courtesy Jasmina Cibic

    Maxime Rossi
    Real Estate Astrology, 2015,
    21 min, anaglyph vidéo 3D
    Allen, Paris

    7pm Spécial session

    Chantal Akerman

    Chantal Akerman par Chantal
    , 1996,
    64 min, vidéo, noir et blanc, couleur
    Marian Goodman, Paris, New York,

  • Name Loki

    • André Romão

      André Romão, Una notte di festino e di guerra, 2015

      Anna Franceschini

      Anna Franceschini, Splendid is the Light in the city of night, 2013

      María Teresa Hincapié, Una cosa es una cosa, 1990

    • Jessica Warboys, Hill of Dreams, 2016

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