Name Amon First

Une Histoire vraie, 2016

500 x 300 cm
Presented by Galerie Aline Vidal, Paris
Courtesy: Galerie Aline Vidal. Photo : Marc Domage

Illuminated signs saturate public space without really capturing our attention, but a neon sign erected in a garden, spanning five metres and with no known function, is sure to create surprise. Could it be that Une histoire vraie (A True Story) announces the imminence of a science-fiction scenario?
A foot note that - in the credits of a film is meant to guarantee veracity- when placed in a real environment, becomes fictional. The injunction of truth (often successful) casts doubt on reality and its potential construction and invites us to look closely and to experience the reality around us differently. This shift is instigated in concrete terms through the arch that supports the neon sign. The artwork functions as a threshold to pass, perhaps, to the other side of the looking glass.

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