Name Eole Left

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22nd | Art AND science

Art’s Time, the World’s Time

For the fourth consecutive year, FIAC presents, in collaboration with COAL (association for art and sustainable development) discussions between an artist, a scientist and a theorist.

While the frenetic pace of our ultra-connected, ultra-productive, and ultra-consumerist age leads us from novelty to novelty, within a subjective temporality of the instantaneous, of urgency and speed; reality, on the other hand, cannot be accelerated. Seasons remain seasons, years remain years, worldly time is permanent and we are breaking away from it in a dangerous diachrony. For instance, Overshoot Day – a date in the year in which, theoretically, the renewable resources produced by the planet for an entire year have been consumed – occurred in 2015 as early as August 13th and has fallen earlier each year for decades now, showing that humanity is living on credit.

As though in opposition to our frenzy, and despite the seasonality of the contemporary art scene, art remains a domain that escapes time. With the vocation of presenting and devising the possibility for universal experience, art helps us to escape human temporality. It is designed to construct and contribute to heritage and thus escape time. Yet art remains the witness of its era, and ours is that of acceleration to the point of collapse. So how do contemporary artists reconcile worldly time with that of our age and that of art?

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