Name Cronos

2pm | Are art and the world timeless?
We strive to preserve art just as we preserve the world, from museums to conservation areas, we want to preserve all that exists, and yet the world continues on its path, as does art history.

Are we not at risk of destroying both the world and art by freezing them in an idealised state? Are we not at risk of losing of our heritage and a sense of the present by failing to preserve the past?
Conversation in French

With the participation of:
Jane Lecomte (ecologist)
Dominique Bourg (philosopher)
Melik Ohanian (artist)

3.30pm | Does art present worldly time to us ?
The world’s time may escape our perception, limited as it is to our physical and temporal scale. Yet artistic concepts no longer use humankind as the yardstick of all things, and from the most fleeting moments to the vastness of eons, they may allow us to put our finger on what is beyond us.
Conversation in English

With the participation of:
Bergit Arends (curator)
Claire Morgan (artist) Jan Zalasiewicz(paleobiologist)

5pm | Is accelerated time only limited by art and the world?
Our perception of the acceleration of time in our age that concerns both art and our lives and ecosystem is now reaching its limits. If art follows the rhythm of the seasons, it becomes a trend and no longer forms a corpus constructed over time. If the world accelerates beyond the ecosystem’s functional capacity, it collapses. And if our lives accelerate any more, we could no longer respond to the speed or quantity of the stimuli assailing us. Can art teach us to recover a calmer temporality, on a human scale?
Conversation in French

With the participation of:
Luce Abbadie (ecologist)
Philippe Huneman (philosopher)
Lara Almarcegui (artist)

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