Name Cronos

2pm | The invention of international justice
The invention of international justice Franck Leibovici and Julien Seroussi have begun a collaboration in the form of a book (bogoro) and a series of exhibitions (law intensity conflicts). By using the materials transcripts and exhibits – from the first trial at the International Criminal Court (2007-2014) relating to crimes committed in Ituri in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they seek to associate the tools of art and poetry with those of the social sciences and law, in order to take stock of the contemporary invention of international justice, for which the ICC (created in 1998) is now the primary laboratory.
Conversation in English

With the participation of:
Franck Leibovici (poet and artist)
Julien Seroussi (jurist)

3.30pm | Giving a voice
Faced with the power of borders, how can we represent those who have no space for political representation? How do we give a voice to those who go unheard? Let’s travel a few thousand kilometres away to observe different demands that are formulated and the role that the artistic institution may play.
Conversation in English
Special thanks to Rivka Saker

With the participation of:
Jonas Staal (artist, New World Summit)
Dana Yahalomi (artist, Public Movement)

5pm | Staging negotation
Even if the aim is to obtain an agreement, negotiation is a situation that brings together people with opposing views, sometimes radically so, and passions play a role that is as important as rational solutions. A negotiation can be undertaken if it is not a meeting of enemies, but rather adversaries that manage to recognise the legitimacy of their respective affirmations.
How can these differences be anticipated and managed?
Conversation in English

With the participation of:
Valeria Graziano (cultural theorist)
Christophe Meierhans (artist)

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