Name Amon First

Yu Honglei. Photo : Marc Domage

En route, 2016

HR video, sound system, LED screens
4,5 m x 1,5 m
Presented by Balice Hertling, Paris et Antenna Space, Shanghai
Photo : Marc Domage

Yu Honglei was born in Mongolia in 1984. He lives and works in Beijing.

En routeis a variation on the Blue Moon Over catalogue by Lawrence Weiner; the conceptual guru’s project – both texts and drawings – is thus immersed in the world of animation. Yu sees this layout in storyboard format as an illusion in motion, in order to cause Weiner’s concise epigrams and graphic designs to evolve into a contemporary interpretation. The artist presents magnificent science fiction scenarios, through which the intellectual travelogues of these epigrams and graphic designs are represented; Heinz Mack’s travelogues, for instance, when he sent a telecommunication signal from the desert, or the Afro-futurist dance originating from the Ivory Coast that strangely resembles a part of Yu’s sculptural imagery. Yu took a gamble by speculating on these phrases. He thus resituates Weiner’s textual sculptures in an era of systematic creative overproduction. This merging of two distinct artistic concepts results in a wonderful, resonant hub of ideas, at the heart of which a new interpretation of Weiner’s conceptual work is created.

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