Name Amon First

Jacques Villeglé. Photo : Marc Domage

L’art est ce qui aide à tirer de l’inertie - Henri Michaux, 2016

Stencil, white paint
Dimensions variables et proportionnelles / pour On Site
8,6 x 20 m
Presented by Georges Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris
Photo: Marc Domage

Jacques Villeglé was born in 1926 in Quimper. He lives and works in Paris.

Since 1969, Villeglé has collected, assembled and exhibited a socio-political alphabet as a tribute to the former assistant of Professor Pavlov, Professor S. Chakhotin, author of The rape of the masses: the psychology of totalitarian political propaganda in 1939. To the political signs and symbols that crystalize the tensions of our times which he finds in the street, he has added religious or esoteric symbols that subsist in the collective memory.

Since 2007, Villeglé has employed the typographic stencil, which led him from graphic design to a more architectural typography. For him, this technique is reminiscent of the emotion he felt when he acquired a book by Cendrars in 1946 illustrated by Fernand Léger using stencils, La Fin du monde par l’ange N.D., dating from 1919. It enables him to “reintegrate” public space in the form of monumental graffiti applied to the pavements, roads or walls of a city.

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