Name Amon First

Gonzalo Lebrija - Petit Palais

Silver Lamento, 2015

60 x 25 cm
Presented by Laurent Godin, Paris
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

Gonzalo Lebrija was born in 1972. He lives and works in Guadalajara in Mexico.

His piece Lamento is a sculpture of a man wearing a suit, standing with his right arm leaning on the wall, his head on his forearm, and his left hand in his pocket. Since 2008, Lebrija has produced different variations of this sculpture in both white painted ceramic and gold enameled ceramic. This figure questions the lamentation of postmodern man who has no more God to address and no other choice than to turn his back to the world and find support on the surrounding architecture. This variation is made of silver, melted from objects gleaned in different flea markets in Mexico. A literal amalgam of materials belonging to the past and arbitrarily mixed with one another, this sculpture embodies the themes that run through Lebrija’s work: the passage of time, on the one hand, and the human condition, on the other.

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