Name Amon First

Brian Griffiths - Petit Palais

Art Deco Time, 2015

Printed image, plywood, wood, paint, 2 fans, paper streamers, Duck down double duvet and pillows, 1940’s wallpaper, cardboard, fabric, tape, wooden chair, coins, stool, plastic cup, 3 ceramic pot, yellow chest of drawers, letter B, letter M, yellow snooker ball, bulk light and cable, fixtures and bulbs, 2 tables, wood filler, fixings
215 x 118 x 398 cm

Tudor Time, 2015

Printed image, MDF, plywood, wood, paint, car filler, 12V fixtures, transformer ,and bulbs, floral wallpaper, golf balls, felt, sand, glass, varnish, table, wood stain, fixings
240 x 163 x 160 cm
Presented by Vilma Gold, Londres
Photo: Marc Domage

Born in 1968 in Stratford-upon-Avon in the United Kingdom, Brian Griffiths lives and works in London.

He presents three sculptures from a series of nine different style buildings that imagine actor Bill Murray’s activities and pastimes. Here a Murray-ness has been employed - Where art and life conflate, where authenticity is a must and performing needs to be impeccable. An apparently concise thing (Murray) creates uncertainties and irreducible ambiguities(-ness). These sculptures are metaphysical adventures that contemplate the small, miniature, big, gigantic, the scaled up and scaled down, detail and overview. They question how one experiences and measures things; they encourage comparisons, instabilities and attempt to use exaggeration as a means of revelation. Since the 1990s Griffiths has used found and made objects to consider our complex relationships with the material and social world; how we use objects to make meaning, to (re)make ourselves, to organise anxieties and affections, , to sublimate fears and shape fantasies.

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