Clément Borderie

Page Blanche, 2013
Acier et toile de coton
370 x 150 x 70 cm
Présentée par la Galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris

Clément Borderie was born in 1960, in Senlis. He lives and works in Paris. His artistic research is developed around the interaction between a form and its environment over time, with the aim of rendering the invisible visible. In order to do so, the artist identifies a natural site or an urban or industrial space and installs a device whose form permits the capture of microelements. The “Page Blanche” project consists of the installation on the left bank of the Seine of a white rectangle slightly folded in two and placed delicately at the water’s edge. First of all, its surface will slowly collect the micro particles inherent to its environment, as well as the spontaneous reactions of the general public. This “capture”, accompanied by the sun’s rays, moonlight and atmospheric precipitation, will allow a form of writing inherent to the site to be revealed through the work’s mechanism. It will provide us with an image of its identity after two to four seasons of installation, as though the weight of time expresses energy.