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  • FIAC 2018
    The Lafayette Sector was created in 2009 by FIAC and its official partner, the Galeries Lafayette group, to financially support the presence of young international galleries that defend the work of emerging artists.

    The 10 galleries were chosen by a dedicated selection committee, for the quality of their programming and on the basis of a specific project, presenting one to two emerging artists.

    The selection of 2018, particularly exciting, includes exhibitors from 5 countries (Germany, United States, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland) who fully illustrate the dynamism of young international galleries and their commitment : Arcadia Missa (London), SANDY BROWN (Berlin), DOCUMENT (Chicago), Lars Friedrich (Berlin), Jan Kaps (Cologne), LOMEX (New York), Edouard Montassut (Paris), Bonny Poon (Paris), Queer Thoughts (New York) and Truth and Consequences (Geneva).

  • ARCADIA MISSA, London*

    Arcadia Missa was founded in 2011. For over three years Arcadia Missa ran as a not-for-profit DIY space, becoming a vital platform in London, often giving artists their first solo exhibitions (such as Jesse Darling, Amalia Ulman).
    In late 2014, Arcadia Missa began to represent artists and established as a gallery.

    The main focus is on emerging artists, whose practice is specifically geared towards highlighting contemporary struggles within the various fields of identity politics under networked capitalism.

    For the 2018 edition of FIAC, Arcadia Missa will present a site specific video installation, comprising of a single channel projection, walls and seating by artist duo Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings.

    © Hannah quinlan & rosie hastings, 2018

  • SANDY BROWN, Berlin*

    Since opening in 2010 Sandy Brown works with emerging international artists. While the presentation of solo exhibitions has been a focus, conceptually led group shows and other events, including film & video screenings, performances, talks, book launches, and the production of publications have formed an integral part of the gallery’s activities.

    On the occasion of FIAC, Sandy Brown will present a solo show of Kamilla Bischof. It will see the making of a new group of paintings by Kamilla Bischof within an interior setting featuring collaborative furnishings such as curtains, cushions, carpets, and other decorative objects made together with Laura Welker.

    The project is based on the artist's on-going interest in constructions of feminine identity in relation to other built scenarios such as paintings and the places that contain them.

    © Kamilia Bischof, ‘Cosmetic Songs’, 2017
  • Name Anat (Slider 2 blocs, image right)

    • DOCUMENT, Chicago*

      DOCUMENT is a gallery located in Chicago that specializes in contemporary photography, film and media based art. The gallery has organized more than 40 solo exhibitions since its opening in 2011 and actively promotes the work of emerging national and international artists.

      For its first participation to FIAC, DOCUMENT will present the work of 2 gallery artists: Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Julien Creuzet.

      Born in 1986, Julien Creuzet is a French-Caribbean artist who lives and works in Paris. As a visual artist and poet, he actively intertwines these two practices via amalgams of sculpture, installation and textual intervention that frequently address his own diasporic experience. Creuzet’s work focuses on the troubled intersection of the history of Martinique and the events of European modernity.

      © Julien Creuzet, ‘Subside, be silent, scum, I drown’, 2017

    • DOCUMENT, Chicago*

      Paul Mpagi Sepuya currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where he graduated with an MFA in photography at UCLA. He resided in New York from 2000 – 2014, where he participated in Artist-in-Residence programs at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2009 – 2010), the Center for Photography at Woodstock (2010), and The Studio Museum in Harlem (2010 – 2011). He has exhibited at MoMA, NYC, New Museum, NYC, ICA Philadelphia, DOCUMENT among others.

      © Paul Mpagi Sepuya, ‘Mirror Study for Joe_(2010964)’


    Lars Friedrich gallery’s first show took place in October 2011. The gallerist apartment was choosen as first-stage model to start exhibiting. For three years the gallery showed around 18 artists, a lot of first solo gallery shows and a lot of artists based in New York.

    In 2015, the gallery moved to a new space at Kantstraße, Berlin. For its first participation to FIAC, Lars Friedrich will present a solo show by Min Yoon.

    Min Yoon was born and raised in South Korea. For Lafayette 2018 he is preparing together with a survey of his ongoing series of works a new set of sculptures. In debugging social codes through sculpture and painting, Min Yoon is at the same time infusing and transforming the affects of his own social identity into the mores and conventions of a western art field.

    © Min Yoon, Installation view, 2017

  • JAN KAPS, Cologne*

    Jan Kaps was founded in 2013 in Cologne. The gallery represents emerging artists with an international background, mostly belonging to a younger generation. The program of the gallery includes a large variety of media such as painting, conceptual art, photography, video, sculpture and lectures.

    For the Lafayette Sector, Jean-Marie Appriou will present new works that continue his exploration into the historical media of craft and sculpture—in this instance using primarily glass, wood, and ceramic—that then take on representations of the surreal, fantastical, and humorously absurd.

    Appriou’s approach to smelting and crafting is unconventional. Rather than collaborating with skilled craftsmen, celebrated foundries, or high-tech laboratories, he has emphatically adopted a DIY approach to the materials.

    © Jean-Marie Appriou, ‘Marble #2’, 2017

  • LOMEX, New York*

    The gallery was founded in 2016 by alexander shulan, opening on the bowery at 134 Bowery in the former studio of Eva Hesse. Since its inception, the gallery has worked to nurture a new generation of young American artists. In 2018, the gallery re-located to a larger space.

    For its first participation to FIAC, LOMEX will present a solo exhibition of wall-works and sculptures by New York based artist Robert Bittenbender. He is a do-it-yourself enthusiast who uses recovery equipment in order to produce his own creations.

    He gathers several daily objects together to produce a considerable amount of materials, and thus, solicits the attention of the audience.

    ©Robert Bittenbender, ‘ondine’, 2017


    Edouard Montassut gallery was founded in 2015.

    For the Lafayette sector, the Edouard Montassut gallery will present the works of two foreign emerging artists: Maggie Lee (1983, USA) and Riccardo Paratore (1990, Germany). Each of these two artists will present works that are part of the continuity of those shown in recent exhibitions, and that relates to the use of their personal stories as materials for their works.

    Maggie Lee, for example, works on a series of wall and delicate collages made from various scrap papers collected and archived by the artist for several years. As for Paratore, he will present some sculptures in continuity with the one he will present during his residency in the Gluck 50 space in Milan. It is a set of transparent plexiglass box containing a collection of ancient works of art and objects from Hamburg, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris, places that have had biographical importance for the artist since his childhood and young adulthood.

    © Maggie Lee, Beacon’s Closet, 2016
    Courtesy of the artist and Édouard Montassut, Paris
  • BONNY POON, Paris*

    Bonny Poon is a contemporary art gallery in Paris’ left bank near Chinatown. It is located on the 26th floor of a residential tower. The gallery is directed by Nathaniel Monjaret and Bonny Poon.

    For their first participation in FIAC, they are pleased to present a solo show of the collective FPBJPC.

    They use models of production informed by histories and mythologies of underground music and art. Their practice assimilates the language, strategies, and distribution channels of diverse influences, including contemporary art, music, print and social media, fashion, subculture, pop, and politics.

    As a supplement to the FPBJPC show, Bonny Poon presents further onsite and offsite programming, including a live, tell-all interview at the FIAC booth—to be filmed and televised—between US-based Iraqi-Swedish gallery artist Marie Karlberg and the gallery directors.

    © Courtesy of the artists and the gallery

    Queer Thoughts was founded by artists Sam Lipp and Miguel Bendaña in an apartment in Chicago, Illinois. The space was quite small so the name originated from its acronym QT, which was filled in reverse as Queer Thoughts.

    Queer Thoughts will present a two-artist presentation of the work of French artist David Rappeneau and American artist Puppies Puppies for FIAC 2018.

    David Rappeneau creates highly rendered depictions of contemporary youth in acrylic, ballpoint pen, pencil, and charcoal on paper, recombining styles and visual signifiers from Western art history, Manga, fashion illustration, and contemporary commercial aesthetics.

    Puppies Puppies new installation “The difference between sex and gender” (2018). Inlaid periodically among the uniform white tiles are custom glazed pink, blue, and purple tiles, some with appropriated fragments of text that read “GENITALS DO NOT DETERMINE GENDER” and “CHROMOSOMES DO NOT DETERMINE GENDER”.

    © Puppies Puppies, ‘The difference between sex and gender’, 2018

    Truth and Consequences was founded in 2014 by Paul-Aymar Mourgue d'Algue.

    For the FIAC 2018, Truth and Consequences will present a solo show by Liz Craft for the Lafayette Sector.

    The show will be mainly elaborated by on a new series of works with a common aspects to the speech bubble pieces constituted by titles; constructed composition inside a mental space defined by the semantic nature of its frame.

    The new artworks would again borrow a narrative strategy and structure from the comic strips; the use of different size boxes fitted into a page to create a dynamic reading. Liz Craft is working on artworks composed by actual physical boxes. Those boxes would be containers of instinctive composition. As a comic strip the audience will travel from box to box to elaborate a abstract narrative mapping.

    ©Liz Craft, ‘Lo Schiaccianoci’ , 2017

  • Lafayette sector selection committee

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